Comprehensive Excess Inventory Solutions

HTG Technologies offers the most comprehensive solutions to assist OEMs in reducing their excess inventory while maximizing recovery value. Decisions concerning Excess Inventory are often complex and contingent upon on any number of internal and external factors. OEMs are faced with issues ranging from environmental compliance to their own in-house financial and management oversight requirements. HTG Technologies works as a strategic partner to tackle and alleviate these concerns while ensuring the greatest return or "market value" for your inventory.

HTG Technologies can handle a diverse group of inventory featuring hundreds / thousands of items or simply one or two line items. Our goal is to help you minimize the resources and expenses involved in handling your excess inventory. Our highly trained marketing and sales professionals will first research current market conditions to help determine the highest resale. Next, your inventory will be matched via our Sales and Marketing channels with worldwide demand. This is conducted through broad based internet, email and verbal inquiries handled daily by HTG. And finally, all selling, fulfillment and shipping functions will be administered by HTG. An approved revenue sharing agreement further ensures your best possible return.